Can Magento Run on Windows Server

When looking for a hosting plan for a Magento store, one of the most popular questions is whether or not it will run on windows. Linux servers have become extremely popular; there are still reasons why some businesses need a windows server. Does Magento Support Windows?


Magento is written using PHP coding; this is designed to run on a Linux server as standard. However, it is possible to add support for PHP to Windows servers if the appropriate modules are installed on the server. Almost all commercially available windows hosting packages will support both PHP and software. Learn more about How to Sell Online

Can Magento Run on Windows Server?

Magento can run fine on a Windows based server as long as the server can handle the task. Check with your hosting company just to make sure that you won’t run into any issues. You will generally find that installing on a Windows server is a bit more difficult since you will have to do everything manually. On Linux servers there are automated installers that take care of the databases, copying files and setting the store up.

Magento will work with the SQL databases on a Windows server with a bit of tweaking. However, some users have noticed that it runs slower when using Windows servers.

Should I run Magento on a Windows Server?

Although Magento does run on a Windows server, there are some reasons why you should avoid doing so wherever possible. Although Magento might first appear to be running fine, it will probably start to slow down. Magento hogs a lot of server resources, and this will affect performance much more on a windows server since it’s not a native application. Learn more Magento

The only real reason to run Magento on a Windows server is an experimental test bed. This would allow you to try out extensions and themes on a local box, without needing to affect your live store.

Would I be better with Linux Hosting?

You would certainly be better off running Magento on Linux hosting. There are just so many reasons to avoid Windows servers. These include the fact that Linux hosting is almost always cheaper and runs faster. It is also much easier to install Magento onto a Linux server since you can use Softaculous or other automatic installers.


So there you go, although you can run Magento on a Windows server, it is best avoided. It’s only suitable for small stores and test installations. It’s not a great idea for a large functioning Magento store. View Magento theme

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