Can Magento Run on Shared Hosting?


When you’re setting up a brand new store online, you might want to keep costs to a minimum. This allows you time to test the water and make sure that your business will make a profit without spending lots of money. Setting up Magento on shared hosting is a great way to keep costs low while trying everything out. Ecommerce business

What is Shared Hosting?

All websites are stored on servers, which are typically located in data centers. These servers are basically like your desktop computer but are designed to be run all day every day. Whenever you access a site, you are loading files from a remote server. If you are running a small site, then you won’t need all the space or processing power of one server. For this reason, it’s possible for a single server to store tens or hundreds of sites.


Shared hosting simply means that you are storing your site on a server which also has other sites on it. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s actually what a lot of small businesses use. However, many people are cautious about using shared hosting providers when running eCommerce sites.

Can Magento Run on Shared Hosting?

Magento is a PHP application, and there is nothing to stop it running on a shared hosting package. It will install and function normally. However, if you want to do a serious business, then you will need to have an SSL https certificate. You will be unable to get one of these with some shared hosting providers. View top ecommerce platforms 

Dedicated IP Address

To get an SSL certificate on shared hosting, you will need a dedicated IP address. This is a fairly minimal cost, but something that not all hosts can offer. Be sure to ask about dedicated IP addresses when ordering your shared hosting. Also be sure to check that you can migrate to dedicated hosting in the future.

Should I Consider Dedicated Hosting for Magento

Shared hosting is fine for small eCommerce stores when they are first starting out. However, if your site does start to grow then you will need to look into dedicated hosting. A dedicated hosting account means that your site is the only website stored on a server. This gives you more control over the hosting package, more resources and also makes everything more secure. Dedicated hosting packages are more expensive than shared hosting, but plans can still be quite reasonable.


If you’re serious about running a Magento store as a real business, then you will need to invest in dedicated hosting at some time. However, there’s no reason why you can’t start small and scale things up when you’re ready. Most hosting providers will help you to transfer files from shared hosting to a dedicated server. Ecommerce Platforms

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